Finding My Feet – True Happiness


First and most importantly being that the weather has finally improved!! The sun is out, it’s humid, it’s hot – I love it. To be fair my expectations are not that high coming from Scotland, but 22 degrees is fineeee by me.


I took on a second job at Copenhagen Street Food as a bartender for the Summer and it was one of the best decisions I could have made. The hours are sociable, the food is great (I’m fat), and the people are fabby. I’ve gained so many new friends, most of them Danish too which is fitting. Very excited to continue with the rest of Summer and see how much more beer I can drink without having to go up a dress size (challenge accepted).


I also met my boyfriend there. Yes. You read correctly. Jessica Browne has a boyfriend. He’s lovely. He loves to exercise. I do not. Opposites attract and all that. Watch this space…


I also signed the lease on a new apartment with two of my best girlfriends from my first job! It’s a new build and we move in October 1st. To say we’re excited is a huge understatement. Pictures of tables and rugs are flying about in the group chat and the housewarming party planning has begun. Be prepared for copious amounts of instagrams of the place because it is STUNNING.


I’m so happy right now there’s no other place I could imagine myself. This is what I wished this move would be for me. A chance to meet new people and learn new things and it’s becoming exactly that. I am not stressed. The people around me aren’t stressed. It’s just fucking lovely. I’m very content with where I am right now both geographically and metaphorically that it’s hard to truly put into words the exact reasons why. I’m busy with work, I’m surrounded by good people and beautiful scenery. There’s nothing else I want/need right now.

Everyone should live here at one point in their lives – seriously. Highly recommend.


This post was pretty short but I’m not sure what else to write for now. I’m going to go back to being smitten with my new life and if you want to see more on the side of pictures and scenery pictures then follow me on snapchat: jlbrowne. I post quite frequently on there so it’s a nice and easy way to get a day by day.


Peace and love.IMG_5168

[View from the outside bar at Street Food. Can I call it work?]


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