Pre-Travel Checklist

So we’re one day out now. I fly tomorrow afternoon and I think I’m all ready. However, when I embarked on this magical, stress-filled journey of moving country I really could have done with a checklist of some sort to guide me through the process and help me get organised. Therefore, I have compiled a small list of the things I think are most important in regards to organisation and time management. It might help you, it might not.


1.Do You Have The Documents?

Make sure all of the documentation you need is together and in one place. I know that I will stress about this more than the average person but I think it’s a good habit to get into regardless. I’m going to have my P45 (don’t even know if this is necessary but can’t hurt), a colour copy of my passport (needed for residence permit form), and extra passport sized photos (needed for all new ID I will acquire when there). I’m also taking about 20 printed off CV’s because I’d like to canvas some shops when I get there and don’t know the process for printing off things at library’s, etc. in Denmark.

2.PayPal Is Your Friend

Set up a PayPal account and download the app to your phone. If you’d rather not carry lots of cash then PayPal is a really great, free way to transfer money between countries. It takes 2 seconds for me to transfer cash to my Danish friend’s account so I can take money out if need be without having to pay ridiculous fees. It’s free to give money to your friend’s PayPal account regardless of country and the exchange rates are pretty close to if not the same as the shops.

3.Stock Up On Adapters

I almost forgot about the whole ‘they don’t use the same plugs as us’ so had to order some off Amazon last minute. I got 5 adapters because I don’t think you can ever have too many, and I think it only came to around £7 in total. I also got a European plug extension lead because I don’t know where the plugs are located (will there be one next to my bed so I can look at my phone at all times while lying in bed and expending as little energy as possible? Who knows. Be prepared.)

4.Vacuum Pack as Much as Possible

Doesn’t save on weight but it is a great way to create space, especially if the airline you’re flying with has a 2 checked bag maximum…like Norwegian Air…).

5.Do You Really Need It?

Think long and hard about what is necessary. Rose gold stilettos are probably not going to be needed in Copenhagen where people wear trainers out most of the time (I opted for Vans, Pumas, and Creepers instead). I realised after initially weighing my case and it coming in 5kg over the limit that I probably didn’t need to bring my fake ikea plant (with pot) and my Jo Malone candle (these things can be brought over by visiting parents).

6.Wear as Much as You Can to Travel

I am wearing my heaviest clothes to travel in so they don’t count as weight in my luggage e.g. jeans, t-shirt, denim shirt over that for good measure, caterpillar boots and my Canada Goose jacket. Yes I’ll be sweating until I get off the plane and into somewhere where I can change into a normal outfit but the reality is I wouldn’t be able to fit a lot of that stuff in my luggage and I really wanted to bring them. Hoarding is a talent.

7.Just a Wee Plan?

I’d suggest trying to have a vague plan as to what you’re going to do in the first week there. It’s always less scary for me when there is somewhat of a plan in place. I plan to get very drunk on the night I arrive, search for a job on my second day, and have my bank account sorted by my third…it’s ambitious I’ll admit. Watch this space.

8.Spend as Much Time With Family as Possible

This is the most important one. Although I’m not gone yet, I’ve already said goodbye to all of my friends that I won’t see until I visit home again or they visit me. I’ve tried to keep my schedule as clear as possible to fit in time with everyone and I’m sure I’ll be thankful of that when I’ve left. I have kept my evenings free to spend time with my mum and dad. I think those are the times that I’ll miss the most. The times you take for granted. Just having tea and then watching a few episodes of How To Get Away With Murder (if you don’t watch this please start now. Shonda Rhimes is a genius.) Although Denmark isn’t that far away, I’m sure it’ll seem worlds apart when I’m actually there and so taking in everything at home while I can has been a priority for the past few weeks.

Hopefully this has given anyone wishing to travel a few pointers for what to expect in the weeks coming up to your departure. And if it hasn’t, it has definitely helped me triple check everything to make sure nothing is forgotten! The next post will probably be about what not to do when moving country so will provide a nice contrast to this.


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